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Dear Pastors and Church Leaders,

Greetings in Christ Name!

Church Counseling in Today’s World

Dr. David Gibbs Jr, with the Christian Law Association is one of the many experts in the area of  church legal affairs that emphasizes the importance for church leaders to exercise wisdom and being totally equipped in doing ministry in our time, especially in the area of counseling.

The court may decide if the counseling given to someone connected to your ministry or church is acceptable to the court’s view of good counseling.

As a church or ministry leader, you have good reasons to be concerned about counseling or have ministry on staff that are doing counseling in today’s environment, where dealing with needs and issues of people can be complex and at times, overwhelming.

There is no better time than now, to get an exceptionally biblical and practical knowledge (information) that can give you and your leaders the ability to skillfully and strategically make needed changes to meet today’s challenges with counseling church members and non-members of all ages. Oasis For Life can give you that.

Oasis For Life has over 30 years of advancement in the area of counseling for the sole purpose of equipping the ministry. As a member of the National Christian Counselor Association, Sarasota Academy Of Christian Counselors and 15 major Christian Universities, we can help with getting you the knowledge (resources) and the skills that you need.

We can also help you integrate those information and skills to wisdom that will tremendously revolutionize your counseling ministry.

If you or your local board are concerned about facing an issue regarding this matter, call Oasis For Life and set up an appointment for one of our staff members to come to your local church so we can share with you how we can be of help.

Thank You and God Bless,

Dr. Charles Rasberry